Fundraising Wristbands

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One of the most common ways to raise money is by using silicone wristbands. Non-profit organizations, churches, school, or business can sell the wristbands and continuously promote their cause, thus make it very flexible to raise funds.

People use the wristbands for their fundraising events because the cost is much much lower compare to other promotional products. It can also serve as a give away for concerts and gatherings.

You have the freedom to personalize the design that you want on the wristband. We also have variety of wristband colors that you can choose from. You can put the name of your group, cause you are fighting for, logo, phone number, website, phrases or any specific message you wish to promote.

Our wrist bands is made of 100% pure silicone ensuring high quality compare to rubber wristbands. It can stand the heat and sweat making it more durable and expected to last longer.

We offer the lowest price in the market today and more discounts are given for large orders.

GetWristband is here to help you in raising money and promoting your advocacy by providing you the best quality wristband at the lowest price!

Other Fundraising Wristband Samples

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